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Mainframe services

Mainframes today are the most preferred secure data servers for technology-aware organizations. Despite all aforecasts the amount of work Mainframes are processing around the world is ever more increasing while the amount of sites is decreasing every year. Major banks, insurance and manufacturing companies as well as government departments rely on Mainframes running their businesses – with zero outage.

Key challenges operating Mainframe infrastructure are about cost control, securing skills and driving innovation while integrating new platforms to achieve an increasing efficiency.

When done correctly a “Managed Mainframe Services” framework is agile and adaptable to changing business requirements and rationalized for optimized usage of MIPS when delivered through a highly leveraged sub-capacity and automated utility environment. That means: simplify and virtualize. A Mainframe was the first „kind of a processing cloud“ ever and leverages the fastest processors on earth.

e-ito’s agile „Managed Mainframe Services“ enables enterprises to lower TCO, increase quality of service, convert fixed cost to lower variable cost, and provide needed skills and expertise to manage it. Our knowledge represents decades of experience – this is fundamental.

Size it right – leverage!

Mainframe Portfolio

Our portfolio ranges from „Hardware Setup and Customization“
  • IBM
  • EMC
  • Oracle
  • McData
  • Brocade
  • SecureAgent
  • Optica
to „blue collar“ Operating System Support
  • z/OS
  • z/VM
  • Linux on System Z
and administration work for „Installation and Maintaining“ various ISV Products (for e.g.)
  • ASG
  • BETA / SI
  • BMC
  • CA
  • Compuware
  • IBM
  • Innovation Data Processing
  • Software AG
  • Syncsort
  • and other
Mainframe Security Management based on products
  • ACF2
  • RACF
  • TopSecret
  • VM:Secure
delivered through a Mainframe Network Management system
  • SNA
  • TCP/IP
  • Security
made resiliant by Disaster Recovery
  • Dual hall concepts
  • Validation DR
Big data, large queues and reports require „Enterprise Output Management“ that needs to be set up and customized. We support:
  • Infoprint Server on z/OS
  • AFP development z/OS
  • Supporting PCL/PDF/AFP/ Linemode print
  • Output management systems
Cost efficiency means automate what you can not standardize. System automation helps highlight events and reply to the system based on pre defined parameters. Prevent overhead and streamline, filter and select what really requires your attention
  • Concepts
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Enhancements
If your Storage Management concepts is a naturally grown legacy environment it bears multiple challenges that needs review and re-engineering. We focus on
  • Storage Concepts
  • Administration of Infrastructure
  • Enhancement and Design
Big data require a solid database concept for interactive and database support. Our team focusses on
  • IMS Support
  • DB2 Support
  • MQ/ WebSphere
Additional Services for Mainframes include „pain-killers“ like

Audit and Compliance Services
IT Service Management for:

  • Change Management
  • Problem Management
  • Event Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Release Management

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