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Understanding and running complexity is our business - we run mainframes, network and data centre infrastructure.

About Us

Why e-ito?

In today's world it is all about hitting the numbers and being efficient. Modern technology has evolved to a stage where even people are measured in technical terms. Businesses try to include the „human factor“ and „rate it“ in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Absurdness reaches its peak when engineers try to eliminate the human factor and automate up to a point where „the ghost in the machine“ sustains itself – without any intervention. What is the benefit?

Modern technology and engineering concepts are missing the point! Humans – we – the people are not „here“ to facilitate – we are neither a „human resource“ nor a parameter in a mathematical equation.

Our goal is to design modern technology to support us - the people. Business strategies that build their IT around that fact are the ones leading the market and not vice versa.

When the management team founded e-ito one of the main goals was to express these core values and to represent that vision in our logo. As we built "ethical information technology services" we were concious that the link to moral and ethics in an IT company had not been seen.

Current debates about massive infringement of data privacy on a government level, abuse of cheap labour in third world countries and company leaders who bend the rules to unethically increase their wealth has taught us all a painful lesson. Simple rules must apply if you want to sustain trust and loyalty and built any kind of relationship.

Our prime directives are

  • Fairness - to the individuals contributing services and treat our staff as our highest asset sustaining our client services and drive the business
  • Honesty - to our clients and business partners, even if the truth is painful and might cause us to lose a deal in a competitive situation - you always meet twice
  • Respect - to each human being which forbids us from participating in deals where there is an obvious abuse of cheap labour or any party is being taken advantage of

Our team

e-ito was founded by former EDS employees. EDS invented IT Outsourcing in 1962, and built a business of 47 years of service excellence.
The EDS team obtained legendary global recognition for Data Center operations, consolidation and optimization, Managed Network services, Managed Network Security services, Managed Big Data, IT service consolidation and optimization, and the full management of very complex outsourcing deals.

Our location

e-ito is located in the Germany´s Frankfurt Rhine-Main area, an international centre for finance, commerce, culture, transport, education and tourism. You will find e-ito representation in Zagreb HR.

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    Mainframe, Scheduling & Print, Network, Server Hosting

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    Mainframe, Scheduling
  • Bremen

    Scheduling, Network Security

  • Croatia
    Web and Mobile App, Mainframe, Scheduling
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